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The Yifan mechanical mobile crusher station is a favorable killer of municipal solid waste

Reading guidance:High in order to prevent the grate of the aircraft hit collapse fragmentation, resulting in the grate of the drop caused by crusher equipment failures to many companies each year need to change at least twice crusher grate frame, the replacement of the maintenance costs, but also affect the lay-off stopproduction efficiency.

With the city's fast-paced development, urban construction waste is becoming the number one problem of urban civilization . The waste disposal problem of modern society has been plagued by people. Refuse the type of diversification , such as household garbage , construction waste , chemical emissions produced garbage . If you do not dispose of garbage in a few years later , the Earth will become garbage the world . Once filmed a TV series like the United States , about the Earth's surface is full of garbage , there is no biological humans migrated to other planets , only one robot in the day and night to dispose of refuse .

In the city , only to see the skyscrapers, did not see the construction waste generated in the construction . during which generated a lot of construction waste . A lot of construction debris affecting the lives affect the environment. Yifan Machinery of mobile crushing plant immediately to solve this problem , become the killer of construction waste , after processing of construction waste recycling . After recognition of a large number of customers , the mobile crushing plant and the necessary equipment to deal with construction waste . Roughly divided into wheeled mobile crushing plant and track-type mobile crushing plant .

(1) Flexibility, ease of ordinary road easier to travel in the rugged and harsh road environment in the broken field area , saving stationed on site time .

(2) Reliable and easy maintenance , to maximize the reduction in investment costs, is the best choice .

(3) Reduce the transportation costs of materials , direct materials to do the scene of the first line of broken , eliminating the material is removed from the site and then broken intermediate links , greatly reducing the transportation costs of materials .

(4) Integration unit equipment installation form , reduce the material , working hours have to consume . Units reasonably compact space layout, and enhance the flexibility of the venue stationed ;

(5) Can be used independently , can also be for the type of customer material in the process , product requirements, provide a more flexible process configuration to meet user mobile crusher , mobile screening and other requirements .

(6) Adaptability, thick broken mobile crushing plant , crushing, grinding and sieving system can operate independently of the stand-alone group , but also the flexibility to form the joint operations of the system configuration unit .

Yifan mechanical science and technology in the years of broken sand production line equipment developed on the basis of the first to introduce a combination of mobile crushing equipment , based on the integration, the integration unit , convenient construction waste crushing .
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