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Mobile crushing plant to achieve the re- use of construction waste cycle

Reading guidance:High in order to prevent the grate of the aircraft hit collapse fragmentation, resulting in the grate of the drop caused by crusher equipment failures to many companies each year need to change at least twice crusher grate frame, the replacement of the maintenance costs, but also affect the lay-off stopproduction efficiency.

At present , more and more people are starting to focus on environmental protection, large newspapers, magazines and news websites are competing to broadcast the news around the use of construction waste recycling , construction waste recycling is no longer a new topic but it has become the currently most one of the hottest topics .China has begun to pay attention to the rationalization of the use of material resources , " energy saving " policy , and to carry out a large number of feasibility studies , such as the traditional zero waste recycling , abandoned the practice of masonry materials in the garden road . Yifan Machinery second-generation tire mobile crusher station to solve the problems of urban stones garbage piling up :

Yifan Machinery second-generation tire mobile crusher station

Construction waste , most of the solid waste , generally old buildings during the construction or maintenance, the removal process . Mainly by the soil , sediment , scattered mortar and concrete , brick , reinforced concrete piling under the cut , trailer coupling, bamboo wood , the decoration of waste waste composition . To maintain the sustainable development of building materials , improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources of common concern in today's society .According to the information in the 10,000 m2 building construction process , only construction waste will produce 500 - 600T . In this way, the number of construction waste generated in our country coupled with the old city demolition, building materials industry of several million tons per year .

Mobile crushing combination of brick-making machine , waste concrete aggregate size after the processing of the mobile crushing plant can be used to produce the corresponding strength grade of concrete , mortar , or prepared , such as blocks , wall panels, tiles and other building materials ; using waste tiles production of aggregate , can be used for the production of recycled brick , block , siding , floor tiles , building materials , the successful implementation of the minimization of waste concrete and utilization of resources . Mobile crushing station and brick-making machine perfect partner , the perfect solution to the intractable problem of construction garbage , construction waste resources can be recycled .

Yifan mechanical science and technology in the years of broken sand production line equipment developed on the basis of the first to introduce a combination of mobile crushing equipment , based on the integration, the integration unit , convenient construction waste crushing .
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