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The Yifan mechanical mobile crushing station efficient handling of construction waste

Reading guidance:High in order to prevent the grate of the aircraft hit collapse fragmentation, resulting in the grate of the drop caused by crusher equipment failures to many companies each year need to change at least twice crusher grate frame, the replacement of the maintenance costs, but also affect the lay-off stopproduction efficiency.

The accumulation of construction waste problems need urgent :
With the growing cities of the world economy, the rapid development in recent years , the regional municipal solid waste to become troubled by the problems of daily life , especially in construction waste , construction waste refractory make a significant impact on the environment . Beijing, the Beijing a year the amount of construction waste generation has reached more than 4 million tons , if the open dumps of the approach will be occupied by up to 800 acres of land . And because of the construction waste is difficult to decompose , the occupation of land is equivalent to the land will still be many years after construction debris piled up the scenarios .

The advent of the construction waste disposal equipment - mobile crushing plant :
The intractable problem of construction waste , Yifan Machinery painstaking research, several attempts to finally produced a large - scale processing equipment - mobile crushing plant construction waste disposal problem can be solved .

The mobile crushing station and efficient processing of construction waste gravel , construction waste to be recycled again :
According to the extensive use of renewable building materials in the understanding by the mobile crushing plant processing , particle size, can be used as wall plastering materials, Backfill Material block building materials and recycled concrete aggregate . One ton of recycled building materials can be made of 0.45 tons of new wall materials , the remaining 50% made of composite materials . Use of more than 90 % of construction waste treated , the better to conserve resources , and construction waste into useful construction materials , reducing the dumping of construction waste and landfill, and reduces construction waste on the occupier of the land resources , avoid construction waste on soil and water pollution, the environmental effect .

The Yifan machinery to build the crusher, sand making machine , mobile crushing plant , and construction waste disposal equipment, and other family -based products become crushing and screening industry leader . Vibrating screen, the complete product chain, supplemented by materials and other ancillary equipment , and become the major broken the Sand mechanical production and export base . The main products include: mobile crushing impact crusher , cone crusher, efficient hydraulic cone broken jaw broken mobile crushing plant , cone crusher mobile crusher station , back-breaking mobile crushing plant , 5X Sand, jaw crusher , PCL sand making machine , new VSI sand making machine .
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